Bee’s Apple Cider

Apple Cider is a great seasonal beverage, with all of the ingredients ‘in season’ around the New Year/Head of the Year or Rosh HaShanah. TMH(s) provide a highly refreshing mixture to relax, cleanse and boost your entire mood into the New Year and into winter!

A very Anti-Inflammatory and Cleansing beverage

Cinnamon: Very healing, Boosts Circulation, Fights Microbial Activity, Improved Brain Function

Cloves: Anti Inflammatory, Nutrient Dense, Anti Bacterial, Fights, Environmental Toxicity, Digestion

Cardamon: Support Digestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Heartburn, Nausea & Vomiting 

Apples: UV Damage Protection, Antioxidants, Fights Asthma & Cancer, Regulates Blood Sugar

Allspice: Indigestion, Menstrual Cycles, Diarrhea, Diabetes, B. Pressure, Emptying Bowels, Pains

Ginger: Gas, Anti Inflammatory, Calms Intestinal Tract, Immunity Boost, Nausea During Pregnancy

Orange Peel: Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol, Anti Inflammatory, Vitamin C​​​​​​​​​​

Best with some’s Raw Florida Honey!

The uses and qualities of this golden elixir are endless. “Taste the Sun” comes to meaning on an entire different level. We’ll get into that at another time.

Bees actually have a separate “stomach” or carrying pouch for the pollen/honey. Honey is not “Bee Vomit”.

Honey: Allergies/Local Allergens, Anti-Bacterial, Wounds & Burns, Natural Cough Syrup, Enzyme & Mineral Packed, Sharpens Memory, Boosts Energy (The Sun perhaps?), Improves Bodily Functions, etc.
We’ll have Moor on Honey later on!

Mari-Nation Time

Together As One


Bee’s Apple Cider
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Prep Time
3 min
Cook Time
13 min
Prep Time
3 min
Cook Time
13 min
  1. Fresh Squeezed Organic Apple Juice
  2. Orange Juice or Lemon Juice to taste
  3. 2-3 Organic Apples; Sliced or Chopped
  4. Organic Cider Mate Spices
  1. Cinnamon
  2. Orange Peel
  3. All Spice
  4. Cloves
  5. Ginger
  6. Bees Natural 247 Love Florida Raw Honey
  1. Start by heating up a pot on the stove. Medium to High.
  2. Add in the Apple Juice
  3. Cut up the apples into slices or chopped and disperse into the pot
  4. Add in the Organic Apple Pie Spices Mix and reduce the heat to low or a simmer. Keep on the stove for about 13 Minutes, depending on your preference and to marinate the flavors
  5. Once at a desired state, add in the Organic Orange or Lemon Juice to enhance the taste even Moor!
  6. Let cool to preferred temperature and enjoy!
  1. If not fresh squeezed apple juice, then the best you can find!
  2. Apples are full of antioxidants and many other benefits, keep yourself warm and enjoy a nutritious cup of Bee’s Apple Cider!
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