Prep Your Soil

As a seed you Grow,

As THe Soul/Soil is formed.

Sparked Anu,

As THe Heart/Earth is warmed

Looking within, Back to your Roots.

Nature prevails as THe source that Fruits.

Take a stand & claim again,

Your Heritage within a Universal Plan.​

Be Harmonized with what’s inside,

Back Align with Nature’s Rhyme.​

Spiraling Up, All in time,​

You Will reach The Keeper’s vine.

With New Keys gained, New Leaves will Reign.

Your Blood will flow, pure as The Rains.

And Together again in Unity you Shine…​

Bee as your roots foretold,

& Follow THe signs.​

Rise back as THe Pines, to seek your Mine.​​

Reaching through THe eternal sunshine.

Then, written in Time, as cycles align,

You will Plant new seeds,

Right in Soul, Body, & Mind.


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